Baby Adeline

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For nine months you spend all your time thinking and dreaming about that little person growing inside. Who are they? What do they look like? Will I be a good mom? (or dad), do I have what it takes to raise this child? Of course I can do this… right? You imagine the little feet that jab you from the inside, and feel the rhythms of their movements. You worry if you are eating the right things, if you are sleeping the right way; if you bought enough for the baby, if you bought too much… Will they have daddy’s eyes? Mommy’s nose? Lots of hair? No hair? You wonder how this little one will change you, how it will impact your marriage, your mobility. As you grow bigger each month, you feel like you’ll never meet this little person… that they’ll stay inside forever and never come out. Part of you worries about that final day…fears it even. The other part is counting down the minutes with the greatest anticipation.

And then that day finally arrives. That little one makes their presence very known. The word “work” brings a whole new meaning. But then there they are. With a face you swear you’ve seen before. With ten kissable fingers and ten nibble-able toes. And something clicks. It’s almost as if you woke up for the first time yourself. Like life is finally in color. Perhaps it’s years before you feel rested again, and a shower becomes the new luxury and married life has a whole new set of challenges… But there’s no doubt that the moment they put that little person on your chest that you are never the same again in the best possible way.

The only thing that compares to the joy you feel yourself when you become a mother (or father!) is the joy you experience when your loved ones do. There’s just nothing like watching your favorite people finally experience their own colorful entrance into parenthood.

Lauren and Matt… after months of counting down to wondering who that was you were bringing into the world, she’s here and she’s perfect! What a true joy it has been for me to witness these precious days in your lives and to document them for you. Thank you for such an honor! Sweet Adeline, you don’t even know yet just how blessed you are to have been given to your parents. Just you wait and see…. xoxo