Lauren + Matt | Maternity

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Oh how I waited for this day! From the very moment Lauren confessed to me that she was pregnant, I called dibs on her maternity shoot and counted down the days until I could get her and her adorable husband, Matt (yes, I called a helicopter pilot/rocket scientist adorable… just deal with it) in front of my camera. And then I waited some more because that baby just wouldn’t pop out!! Would you believe Lauren is 3 weeks from her due date in these photos? We shorter mamas stare with envying heart eyes.. ;)

The wait was more than worth it. Lauren and Matt were radiant with expectant joy and their energy was contagious. During a week that was personally very much upside down emotionally, these two stepped into my day and turned it around and reminded me just how beautiful life is. There is no greater joy than to become a parent; it is an adventure that is worth every low valley and mountain high. And to watch your dear friends embark on their own journey is enough to make one’s heart burst with love.

Lauren and Matt, it was an honor to *finally* capture you in your waiting glory. I will forever remember this as one of the sweetest days in Texas. I can hardly wait for your little one to grace us with his or her presence. If they are anything like you both, this world is about to get a whole lot brighter!