The Leigh Family

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If you have not had the opportunity or privilege to be surrounded by military life, your sense of what it truly is may fall back on visions of powerful equipment, depictions of battles or perhaps seas of men and women in various patterns of camouflage. But what that idea fails to provide are the faces driving the vehicles, the hands guiding the weaponry, the minds behind the intelligence, the courage within the missions, or the heart beneath the uniform. It fails the capture the every day lives they lead. The families they call their own. The places they call home. It’s easy to lump it all into one great and mighty force, but lest we forget these warriors are, at the start of the day, simply every day men and women. They are fathers, mothers, husbands and wives. They are sons and daughters. They cheer on their favorite football teams and dance with their kids in the kitchen. They watch the same shows and sing the same songs on the radio as you do. To those blessed enough to claim a service member as our own, they are our heroes.

Ross is one of those faces; one of the many serving his country. And with that service inevitably comes a deployment. Or two. Or six. It is a way of life in the military. It is challenging for certain, and a time that much prayer and support is needed for those serving and those left behind. Ross, Emma and sweet little Ross are one of the countless families savoring time together before a deployment all too soon separates them.

It was an honor for me to take a few photos for this absolutely precious little family before Ross deploys. What a sweet time in their lives to soak up with their new edition (isn’t he just the sweetest little man??). It has been a joy knowing them, even if only for a short time, while we’ve called Texas home! It’s just like the Army to bring friends along and then send you on your way. But that is what makes this life sweet - you never know what blessings the Lord has up His sleeve! :)

Ross and Emma, you will be in my prayers as you part ways in the coming weeks. I hope these photos help bring back the feelings of joy and life when the days feel long.